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  • SIDC Ceramic Ceramic is the first projects of the Saudi Industrial Development
  • (True), based in Yanbu Industrial City, home to the factory to be reckoned Industrial
  • National distinction took upon itself the task of resettlement of industry citizen needs today and tommorrow
  • And needs of contemporary urban life in all walks of life throughout the pulse and pronounced
  • The demand for their products day and night, the big construction boom which is described in the era of
  • Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may God preserve him huge renaissance unprecedented in terms of size
  • And speed in performance and quality specifications and the power off, renaissance taking place all around
  • Saudi Arabia, wherever considered Tekhal your eyes out.
  • The plant produces Believe ceramic several products, including sanitaryware and basins
  • Acrylic Shower.
  • Reputable and high quality of the company's sincerity made him eligible for the list of issues
  • Companies operating in the industry sanitary ware, bathroom sets.
  • This plant currently has an annual production capacity of 800,000 large piece of
  • Crew health and 120,000 pieces of acrylic bathtubs.
  • Qualified factory to increase production capacity to 1,200,000 pieces per year of crew
  • Health.
  • The total factory area of 87,000 square meters and is located in Yanbu Industrial City in Saudi
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • We seek the grace of God and the efforts of an integrated team to reach the production capacity to one million
  • Pieces per year.
  • Our motto was and is still inspired by the name that we have Vensay to serve our customers sincerely
  • Governed by global standards in quality and affordable price

Chairman of the Board of Directors

The company decided to sincerity of Ceramics Saudi Arabia since its inception following the policy of Sustainable growth in a market with energy a large consumer and took it upon themselves to work on the production of raw materials quality luxury at prices commensurate with the consumer at the same time, always based the principle of development in all factors of production have, where it is training and retraining for workers and technicians on the latest developments of industrial in the area of ceramics and sanitary ware for graduation products approved in the end carrier technique and taste the Western sense and creativity of Arab, did not stop the companys policy at this point but worked on the development of quality production in line with developments in the global industry in the filed of industry and production of sanitary were and bathroom sets.


We strive to provide the product glittering value our customers and meet their aspirations and ambitions in relations to the tools of health, bathroom sets, Ceramic work on the harmonization between His Excellency the product and quality of raw material and right price at the time that we seek to invest in opportunities to achieve the aspirations of our share holders and partners


Are working to make the product Saudi global markets through products combine the taste and pure Arab and World-renowned Luxury.


We are working on combining the quality and luxury and the right price with the briefing on new developements in the field of global industrial production of sanitary ware and bathroom sets and ceramics


Our goal off of our name true, where we seek to make the industrial market but, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and the world from the luxury of our products and our motto sincere in the service of our customers